Notes biographiques


The artist died on May 4th 2021 at 11:00am.


Permanent exhibition

  • Musée de la Section d’Or à Puteaux, (5, rue Paul Bert)
  • La Maison de Camille à Puteaux (7, rue Benoît Malon)

1973 – 2012

Teacher in different establishments:

  • La Garenne-Colombes
  • Ateliers des Peintres en Décors
  • IPEDEC Pantin

1972 – 2005

Parallel to the creative work in the studio, multiple restoration

  • for the Ministry of Culture in Paris (Château de Compiègne, Château de la Malmaison, Résidence Windsor, Musée de la Legion d’Honneur à San Francisco etc),
  • decoration (15 years of contract with ROCHE-BOBOIS, various hotels, restaurants, pastry shops, etc.)
  • orders from individuals (Château de Villepreux, Hôtel Particulier Marais Paris, etc.)
  • orders from large companies (Swissphone, SIRCOM, etc.)


Exhibition at the Salon des Indépendants au Grand Palais Paris:

The ceiling “La Contestation” (6m x 6m – in a height of 8m). First panel of the Cube en Boule – for the first time they dare to exhibit a CEILING instead of a simple painting – see commentary by the humorist Pierre Desproge. Following their “excommunication” from the Salon des Indépendants Bobin and Penglaou will never exhibit the 4 future panels of the Cube. This main work was never shown until 2019.


First own studio
79, rue de la République
92800 Puteaux opposite famous Restaurant de Camille Renault (le groupe de Puteaux, La Section d’Or)

Beginning of the creation of the Cube en Boule which will end in 1988 with several revivals until the years 2009 / 2010.

1962 -1968


    • École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts Paris, rue Bonaparte
    • many summer trips to the south of France, notably to Ventabren
    • 2 initiatory trips to Italy which will influence his future work as a painter: he draws and looks intensely at the paintings and ceilings of the great masters in Venice, Pisa, Rome, Ravenna, Naples, Siena and Florence.


    • Ventabren Galérie de la Commanderie
    • every year for ten years Salons de Puteaux, Salon de Stain, Salon Populiste, Salon des Indépendants Grand Palais Paris
    • Galerie Walther Paris et New York


in Courbevoie / Puteaux