Le Cube en Boule / The “Cube in Turmoil”

“Le Cube en Boule” – the work is conceived and produced entirely by two painters: JEAN-CLAUDE BOBIN and MICHEL PENGLAOU.

A quote from the preface:

“Hungry love, which would devour itself, if it did not seek its nourishment in celestial fictions: creating, in the long run, a pyramid of seraphim, more numerous than the insects that swarm in a drop of water, it will intertwine them in an ellipse that it will make swirl around itself.”


The execution of this panel was stopped by illness and death. It was to represent the entrance to a funfair with its clowns, jugglers and other entertainers. A charcoal drawing of the 3 x 4 metre ceiling was to be pasted on this panel, and below it the colour models of the 50 x 40 cm panels on paper. The direction is from left to right as on a traffic circle.

The general theme of the work is the contestation in the different human activities.

You can listen to the artist himself:


1st performance:
The front curtain is still down. The red light is on. Harlequin and Columbine from the old comedy make fun of the cameraman and the alienation of emotions.

You can listen to the artist himself:

Déconcerto (Bewilderment)

2nd performance:
The spectator has entered the theatre and is witnessing its deconstruction. The hall vibrates, the music is carried by the dancers and the blue note rises and takes us to the swirling zenith.

You can listen to the artist himself:

Plafond (Ceiling)

3rd representation:
Chronologically it is the first panel executed in the cycle and its formal nature has led to the curvilinear forms of the vertical panels.

At the zenith, the dying symbols rebel and are reborn to the rhythm of saturnalia in an ambiguous mix of extravagance. The painted figures contest the action of the artists and repaint the ceiling with the red of contestation.

You can listen to the artist himself:


4th performance:
Lysistrata by Aristophanes or the overthrown order.

The bodies are on fire,
The tension rises,
The fuses blow:

“We are free women!”

You can listen to the artist himself:

Sol (Sun)

5th representation:
The centre is pushed into the distance, giving the illusion of a spherical shape.

Fall and explosion: the rebellion contaminates the walls.

You can listen to the artist himself:

La Bulle (The Bubble)

6th representation:
The perspective distortions of the panel caused by the movement of the viewer illustrate the historical Schisms.

The yellow-orange tumult smells of sulphur,
diabolical profanation,
but the dove of concord will guide the viewer to the light.

You can listen to the artist himself:

Bellum (lat.: War)

7th performance:
Continuation and end of the cycle in the moral ruins where the artists turn like iridescent butterflies.

The sun sets on the rediscovered colours.


You can listen to the artist himself: