The Artist
1- Saint-Sébastien 2,20 X 2,20 m huile sur toile-1973-A été exposé en 1975 à la Mairie de Puteaux-min
Monumental Painting
Restauration in der Résidence Windsor Neuilly-sur-Seine, 1989

If one can believe without proof, one can love without understanding.

Jean-Claude Bobin (1943 -2021) is a painter who lived in Puteaux near Paris.
A few paintings in the Musée de la Section d’Or and in the Maison de Camille in Puteaux will give you a first impression of his work.
The paintings show streets of Puteaux, which disappeared forever after the construction of the Défense.
Jean-Claude Bobin’s work is not limited to these paintings.
He has approached very different styles, used all kinds of materials which you can consult in the “paintings” section. One of his most percussive works is the CUBE EN BOULE (monumental painting). The ceiling was the subject of an artistic controversy when it was presented at the Salon des Indépendants in 1972 at the Grand Palais.